me being given bad stocks by their advisor

and then written guaranteed by that advisor silver

ten more
wriiten over the next four years
with the help of general manager koudelka canaccord Australia in the end when stocks almost worthless as was expected they would just say we wont honor them why do i say the expected them to fall because later on in 2014 mr murphy their general manager tells me silver sold his own huge holding in bph immediatelly after getting me into them

nobody yet has ever much as far as i know sought to know much

about my canaccord genuity experience
so it seems these smug canaccords and sivers are pretty in the know about the indifferent legal system really just write these guarantees pretty well knowing they only making me in end even far worse off

you feel everyone is laughing at you 24 hours a day and you never sleep much

it seems no matter how severelly disabling your mental illness is if a broker gets all your money lost nobody will ever be found who seeks much knowledge of it my story in brief is im put into BPH Energy Ltd and im im big loss straight away just a few days after buying he writes a written guarantee on them the first of ten of them written during next four years. him and kouldelka and barlow often reassure me i cant lose  only win and possibly big but eventually when stock is almost worthless they say theyll never give me a cent

is it possible to suffer muscle loss and disablement via a stockbroker experience?i think thats whats causing me to slowly die and my dog has cancer caused indirectly by it id say

ive had very few replies here and none it seems seek know much but if im mistaken and some do via this they apparently wanna keep it to themselves

im still in exreme traumatic shock from the canaccord genuity silver evolution experience yet xant find psychiatrist wholl except me as being a canaccord genuity torture victim

despite telling me i cant lose only win big many times im now expected to celebrate getting 5cents in dollar but gotta sign massive paperwork to get it
this is just a virtual strangers assessment

ironically it seems the only people who you can have any confidence will in any way support an australian financial victim are Africans or Asians

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14.01 | 19:18

i dont know who you are or what your talking about but thanks for your reply as it at least breaks the drought of no replies

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Received your mail box drop - not too sure what you want me to do with it. Good luck.

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as can be seen plenty enter here but none ever comment

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