unfortunatelly my inheritance arrived at worst time

general manager of what was called BGF Equities in 2010 they joined with canaccord in 2011 birds of a feather flop together as they both hard eggs in the extreme nonetheless in 2011 he spent many hours on phone with me acting as if he my great friend telling me how theyll make me so rich certainly no risk whatsoever

just when mr silver was in loss according to what theyve told me

on bph
and wanted to flee what he felt would soon drop badly Initially it seems he didnt even want me as a client but changed his mind after i tell him of the estate
in any event he advised bph against my profile i filled in and against the agreement we had that i was only there to get house stocks
ive been told he fled bph at bgf/canaccord immediatelly after i bought and this is likelly why they then fell so hard as i was already in big loss as soon as id bought
laughing at me

why is it greens socialist alliance etc and other human rights proclaimers are more against the brokers victim then even LNP

jenny leong is my local member and her treatment of me mirrors that of one door
ive also made some contact with adam bandt over the years and though his approach wasnt as bad as that of leong or one door he clearly wants nothing whatsoever to do with me like all greens except just before an election

its been impossible to find anyone much interested in me getting anywhere

except for griffin of newtown solicitors mainly while thirty days on at FOS to accept the offer they made

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14.01 | 19:18

i dont know who you are or what your talking about but thanks for your reply as it at least breaks the drought of no replies

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14.01 | 12:40

Received your mail box drop - not too sure what you want me to do with it. Good luck.

13.01 | 04:21

as can be seen plenty enter here but none ever comment

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