Documents at last at least a one off

20. Jul, 2018
yesterday marks the first day Ive been able to put documents on here
and that is quite an achievement fo me as ive been hampered badly by lack of computer skills after all id of not got caught at canacord as i did if not for fact I was almost computer illiterate at time and in a drasticly weakened state after the death of my mother
one of the ten guarantees written over a four year period,this i think is the seventh one he effectivelly scaled back a bit every new one written,the first offered money back at beginning of 2011 he must of been getting legal advice all along as it seems he even on one i wrote thinking i bettering myself he was actually strengthening his chances of worming out of it

i hope to have all the guarantees on here eventually but my computer skills have been so poor i believe this experience has damaged part of my brain

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Allan Ritchie | Reply 24.07.2018 19.01

ofcourse total loss occured but im yet to see a cent and they wont even reply to me,so you can see how smug they are they can get away with this

Allan Ritchie | Reply 24.07.2018 07.54

Note:BGF is the name Canacord Genuity Australia had in 2010 when i first went there,they then became Canaccord Genuity in 2011

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07.03 | 15:56

pathetic wouldnt you think they at least give you a blank set

14.02 | 13:34

bear in mind in this im only making a compromise offer as he had already formally renigged on three guarantees and presented me with a cheaper one

08.02 | 13:01

i wanted to change the stocks on a number of occasions but he could not even be found to agree as per this agreement so good prices were missed to cut losses on

09.10 | 21:01

Thanks to the man who bought me a meal there

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