it was the experience with canaccord combined with

my mother probably thought her inheritance would extend his life not drasticly reduce it but canaccord genuity turned it into a curse and FOS made it even worse again

My beginnings with Stephen Marc Silver and canaccord

CANACCORD IN THEIR ADVERTISING CLAIM "The client always comes first"
my mother died on thirteenth of january 2010 ,I was very well aware of the crippling effect my mothers death was having on me,its like nothing I could ever of even conceived
Jan - April
i was sought of recommended Canaccord by the Australian Newspaper but i now realize they trick people in cooperation with each other
i was told of my inheritance and i wrote to Canaccord genuity in late march/ early April and paperwork arrived and I dated it shortly after i got it and filled in what I could, but didnt send till nearlly end of June because i was in shocking grief and confusion and couldnt find the things i needed to completelly fill in the forms,in the end i decided to send them in about two thirds completed(i was also receiving follow up calls from this Stephen silver), Mr Silver rang many times to follow up the paperwork being sent and i guess that played a part in me deciding to send before i could completelly fill them in.Nonetheless as they acknowledge at FOS I completed my profile,and what Im trying to tell the story here mainly is that Ive selected what stocks i want,yet theyve given me as oppositte types of stocks as could be yet left me at time to beleive otherwise so really ive been completelly denied any chance to choose even my own stocks,but surelly its worse then that because im lead to believe Im buying something im not
June onwards
I then got an apointment to visit this stephen Marc silver about end of June
he never mentioned the paperwork i sent in that was about half completed, all he said at this meeting that in any way related to the forms was we need to see your ANZ card and get account number ,I took it to him and he then said i need BSB number so i made another trip in with that,why he couldnt just get it himself i dont know, i didnt even think about at the time because i didnt then know BSB numbers are just public knowledge anyway i assumed account opened well and truly by September anyway,but really earlier if you forget time for me to take BSB number in something i now realize he could of easilly got off internet in couple of minutes,maybe he didnt seriously want me as a client, it was agreed at these meetings I was there only to get house stocks but in the end i didnt really get any house stocks.To that end he hands me a latest Canaccord list of house stocks,but strangelly speaking in hindsight as i was then somewhat confused this list looks like it only contains some of the BGF house stocks,not all of them ,but i only infact decided one was one that appealed and had i been left with that decision Id be very rich now ,but this story is basically about an advisor who decided to impose his own stock on me while leading me to believe it was a canaccord stock

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