is bph a house stock? he finally comes clean

no they arnt

they are now only 9cents each
but how rich this is compared to what they become

what a staggering reversal he had given me

if only I could of stayed with Bathurst resources Id be rich now
when BPH got to 9 cents he tells me they arent a house stock,and bathurst is rising while BPH continues its uninterupted fall I decide to sell bathurst at 1.25 thinking thatll make up for the loss almost on BPH if the guarantee is honored but not to be he writes a new guarante and tells me this is it now it basically said that the profit on bathurst is deducted from the agreement amount so i felt shattered he claims he wants to honor the guarantee but his boss Warwick Grigor wont let him ,he said he said you got him the Bathurst profit so that should come off of guarantee amount but as youll recall he advised BPH instead of Bathurst effectivelly so if id taken his advice literally id of only bought BPH and he never recommended bathurst in first place i just picked that of off the lists he gave to me back in July 10,the only two recommendations he ever made were BPH Corporate and BWD Blackwood both of which fell about 99.5 %each,is such just an accident?what are the chances of doing such in a random pick?

I then write him a letter and another agreement in one which i guess im just living in dreamland by now and initially he denies receiving it even and continues doing such but after 6 weeks the letter is returned signed

During this long period in which he just denies ever receiving this letter i get into his new stock I guess feeling im sought of tied to him like a slave by now out of fear id have no chance of help .Blackwood corporation which he leads me to believe has substntial proved resources ,he didnt tell me its only got a series of tenements and its just risen over five times in price over nothing I  place what i thought in my lost state of mind to be a cutious bid of 29 cents but he then rings and tries to get me to raise it the more the better he says he expects them to move up very quickly in price i raise it a little and get them only to see them immediatelly falling, I wonder if he was selling this stock like he was BPH he tells me he expects me to double my money on this so I assume thats the official target price

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allan ritchie 12.01.2020 22:54

i get so few anything is a surprise

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