"The client always comes first"

My case shows their advisor always comes first

11. Dec, 2018
they never even ever showed any desire to even wanna know what happened
they merelly acted to assist him and themselves get out of any payment to me or reduce it to as little as is possible they also I think acted to try and worsen my illness and beat via time limits
11. Dec, 2018
stephen Silver left canaccord mid 2011
but oddly even after having left canaccord they still had their loyalty to him not me which seems odd as youd think then they might act for you,but never to be
11. Dec, 2018
after losing his license in USA silver returns to australia to start Hunter capital advisors with similar slogans to canaccord
"we are focussed 100% on delivering a full seuit of services to achieve our clients goals"
11. Dec, 2018
unfortunatell political paryies act like stockbrokers in these matters
as it seems they all want maintained a system which offers not much hope for a revival and it seems sadly if you are severelly ill they put reducing the liability of the broiker ahead of your possible recovery ie theyd rather your health decline or you die then the broker not get out of it cheap

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pathetic wouldnt you think they at least give you a blank set

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