"no one cares what hapens to anyonelse"

"as long as its not happening to them"

5. Nov, 2018
thats what a famous in labor person told me and sought of said so your wasting your time trying to get help

Canaccord Genuity mothers death 13/1/2010 till present

and hunter capital advisors

This page is for those who wont spend much time here but want story in briefest terms

it seems that its difficult to get acceptance of fact a broker has actually wanted you to do bad

in any event they gave about as bad a result in their advice as anyone has ever given .They only ever recommended just two stocks but not at same time first off he recommends BPH Energy and it seems he wanted 100% of the estate in that that stock, it's now worth just one twentieth of a cent after allowing for fact that short time after buying i had to give back half holding to company ,this he knew was to occur but didnt think he should tell me about it. After having failed to quite get me to put all my money into BPH energy, a few months on he excells himself and gives me a stock that then goes totally broke Blackwood corporation 

the promise but a promise that was a lie


and the asnwer is that they kept telling me I cant lose because Im under guarantee ie at end of 2013 any and all loss will be refunded,this I would be told many times and they told me when i suggested it might never get honored "your too pessimistic'"you oughta frame the guarantee and every morning look at it and think how lucky you are"'your the luckiest investor of all as you actually have a free option so you could make anything but never lose"

his death mainly bought about by the Hunter capital advisors/Canaccord Genuity group

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Allan Ritchie | Reply 17.09.2018 08.47

if your confused by the Canaccord Genuity and Hunter Capital Advisors its that Stephen Silver was Canaccord Genuity and now is his own business Hunter Capital A

Allan Ritchie | Reply 25.08.2018 07.30

while i get few replies the number of viewings is steadilly increasing

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07.03 | 15:56

pathetic wouldnt you think they at least give you a blank set

14.02 | 13:34

bear in mind in this im only making a compromise offer as he had already formally renigged on three guarantees and presented me with a cheaper one

08.02 | 13:01

i wanted to change the stocks on a number of occasions but he could not even be found to agree as per this agreement so good prices were missed to cut losses on

25.01 | 06:54

what has the world got against stockbroker victims?

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