stockbroker mental illness

Ive been on a pension since 1972 on mental grounds

but have only as of recently came to realize i have a mental illness that has never been classified or diagnosed etc thats what im trying to do here as i have an illness in addition to the original mental illness i sarted out with bought on mainly by stockbrokers and their typical approach to a client and their inferior approach to those they deem to be mentally defective

So ive discovered it myself and classified it myself what else can i do as there is no interest in such people

it goes a gainst the legal dictums that financial things are just financial disputes but what ive discovered is that effectivelly each experience one has with a stockbroker that brings about a loss increasingly makes that person more vunerable to such in the future such that effectivelly each broker is preparing the person for the next to be at best more readilly talked into quick order placing or at worst tricked into some stock and some deemed below a mental state required will be seen increasingly as someone only fit for another transaction without any consideration as to whether its a good or safe price so you have a person who just inreasingly becomes a unit of brokerage and gst and the person goes into a state where he just lives in blind hope of recouping his losses while pushing away in his mind the reality that his chances are never ceasing to reduce aperson who then goes into all soughts of wierd states of mind to deny reality life just becomes a hiding process in all soughts of wierd obsessions

how do i describe it?

its an illness where by sustaining losses one goes more and more into a hallucinatory state to hide from the shock of the accumulating traumatic loss andbecomes in a state of desperation wherby they seek to desperatelly recover thir losses in any and many ways it becomes something which just takes over the mind

Stockbroker hoarding orientation

its always been recognized by psychiatry and psychology that some people suffer a hoarding orientation illness but there is one which is far more severe bought on by stockbroker dealings and as far as i know no psychiatrist or any academic has sought to recognize this or is likelly to im guessing

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26.05 | 01:22

strange i never noticed this comment at the time i guess the torture is taking its toll and im in rapid decline now

26.05 | 01:19

yes hi

29.04 | 11:28

Anyone online?

14.01 | 19:18

i dont know who you are or what your talking about but thanks for your reply as it at least breaks the drought of no replies

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