with all money now gone almost exclusivelly into BPH

I ring Mr breeze on way back from bank

6. Dec, 2010
he says he has put 850000 of his own money into this new issue
he says he will send me the prospectus. Ofcourse i now think the money has all gone but in reality unbeknown to me is fact silver still hasnt got the funds, if only bank manager had given me even such basic information as the amount in the account Id of id say been saved from the whole experience,i TOLD HER ID JUST BEEN TRICKED BY SILVER BUT SHE DIDNT THINK IT IMPORTANT to tell me he hadnt infact as of yet even got that money
Id much later find out Breeze didnt put that much into it
infact he didnt put anything into it,but at the time my computer skills were too low for me to be able to check anything,it just goes to show the dangers of having low computer skills as people dont necessarilly care as you can see the bank manager wasnt it appears even looking to help me
The odd thing about BPH Corporate(BPH Energy later) is
that they were buying shares in Advent with new money raised yet this breeze was a boss of both surelly a conflict of interest and maybe thats why silver decided to exit it

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29.09 | 08:27

total loss occured

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pathetic wouldnt you think they at least give you a blank set

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good thanks for your reply

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