newtown Solicitors and time onwrds with others

i know this michael griffin well before the FOS determination

and he has tried to get me to quit the FOS case a number of times moreorless
saying for get this joke of a place and get real and let us get real money for you
he wants me out of FOS and in with him sooner the better so he says
the FOS determination comes quicker then expected and he keeps saying 'dont sign anything"he says it in such a way as to suggest you miss the spectacular outcome we will get you he keeps saying good things how good my cases are etc and how theyll get their fees from canaccord ,but when the thirty days are up to accept the 58000 awarded by fos are over he changes significantly and from then on isnt talking about me getting much at all and eventually its 40000 win or lose to get just a bit more then fos award its almost like his personality changed after 30 days are over

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07.03 | 15:56

pathetic wouldnt you think they at least give you a blank set

06.07 | 22:38

good thanks for your reply

06.07 | 22:13

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