my dog has bladder cancer

unfortunately sideways

ive currently no net assets or income

only 175dollars
worth of shares anyway and big debt
as the cost of treating my dog exceeds my income,so these people can keep you broke even if you stop loosing on shares ie the consequential damage from the extreme psychological damage they cause permanently keeps taking you down theres nothing in history like it

the shock of having an advisor who wants you to go the more badly the better

isnt easy to bare
the disabing effect of the shock of this is i think whats bought about my dogs bladder cancer made all the worse by Canaccord genuities fanatical supprt of silver while never even ever wanting to even know anything about it even
after due he date refuses to even give you five dollars or the australian legal system and government who seems to side with them in such meaness can you understand my shock at being probably only person in world history to have an advisor so keen to make you worse off and humiliated
will anyone help me keep this dog alive

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allan ritchie | Reply 29.09.2019 08.27

total loss occured

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26.05 | 01:22

strange i never noticed this comment at the time i guess the torture is taking its toll and im in rapid decline now

26.05 | 01:19

yes hi

29.04 | 11:28

Anyone online?

14.01 | 19:18

i dont know who you are or what your talking about but thanks for your reply as it at least breaks the drought of no replies

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