The worlds first written share price Guarantee

from Stephen Marc Silver of Hunter capital Advisors (formerly Canaccord genuity)

Both companies hearterly supporting him in never honoring it ,and knowingly worsening my severe life threatening illness It appears this stephen marc silver while helping me go broke has accumulated staggering wealth but wont even offer to pay a dollar of his guarantee

Im battling on through heavy trauma to try and put this together

but can anyone help me to put documents onto this as part of my brain is damaged by the canaccord experience etc and the consequential horrors going with it

Its a pity the state doesnt apreciate the fact that a severelly mentally ill person

can after the death of their mother become a sitting duck for stockbrokers and thats just what happened to me at Canaccord genuity I made the fatal mistake of trusting these people

Infact my case will show how the government actually helps big stockbroking firms get away with

taking the entire estate and savings of people who are sick and just dropped to a even lower level due to the death of their mother

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07.03 | 15:56

pathetic wouldnt you think they at least give you a blank set

14.02 | 13:34

bear in mind in this im only making a compromise offer as he had already formally renigged on three guarantees and presented me with a cheaper one

08.02 | 13:01

i wanted to change the stocks on a number of occasions but he could not even be found to agree as per this agreement so good prices were missed to cut losses on

25.01 | 06:54

what has the world got against stockbroker victims?

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