stephen silver Canaccord Genuity/Canada

STOCKBROKER TORTURE:has there ever been a form of torture so subtly applied or applied by such a widespread number of people

I dont think there has??
can you think of any such widelly applied to make one so thoroughly suffer????
it seems stockbrokers clients are always exempt from any lofty ideals

what would menzies of thought of a stockbroker who

offers a permanently sick person a looseproof written guarantee
on shares but waits till time gone to inform him he doesnt infact honor guarantees
20. Aug, 2019
and national guarantee corporation both somewhat similar but just looking at it from different parties involved in the whole thing

i dont believe many would think a broker should be able to choose someone

because they see them as not satisfactory or fit for life
as Stephen Marc Silver has with me ,,but inspite of their slogan being the customer always comes first Ive yet to find anyone at canaccord who wants to even know anything I mean sure there have been long discussions but theyve only ever consisted of me being constantly cut short and told my attitude is ridiculous and even after silver lost his license in US they still maintain only ritchie is at fault and a troublemaker I try to communicate my story better all the time but bare in mind I am old and very ill as have been since sixties I went on an invalid pension age 20 in 1972

Johnson Consulting Japan this is another company who took more money from me fairly recently and on credit mainly

whether linked to canaccord
I dont know or mr silver dont know but i told them all about canaccord yet they continued with their trick
their a Mr santos just rang out of the blue and they clevourly got a bank to help them get me just like with Mr breeze
when a broker decides all your money should be lost
you from then on become only a patient in summary only in the australian mental health system and medicare
13. Aug, 2019
Evolution Capital advisors
this appears to be the new name for Hunter capital Advisors I notice there alreadt was a american company using same name so wjether he is in with them now or just using same name i dont yet know however its strnage he uses another sought of related name as the theory of evolution has it that man starts out as a hunter doesnt he
8. Aug, 2019
please see my facebook page
National Guarantee Corporation

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total loss occured

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pathetic wouldnt you think they at least give you a blank set

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good thanks for your reply

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