the MOST NEEDED dog of all time gone now

(photo taken about2014)my mother would of thought her inheritance would lenghthen his life but due to canaccord it actually reduced it


the above comment comes from one comment to my comments section
20. Jan, 2016
I visit what was my ULTRA ASSIST dogs grave today hes buried about 160miles away from here
I did so again yesterday 1st of February it as as usual took all day

I dont really see how any news can be good now my dog has needlessly died

what an horrific way to lose your dog to be so weak and helpless that you cant any longer give hime the treatment he needs



basically it appears they used my money in an attempt to lift the price of a share they were in loss on themselves and wanted to exit but it didnt much work
the advisor sold much of his shares immediatelly after I bought and clearly my purchases saved the stock from a bigger fall but it was falling so fast he couldnt get all his stock out so he certainly didnt want me selling so he wrote a written guarantee on the stock to keep me into it knowing hed never have to honor it anyway so there you have it in brief he got me knowingly a big loss but held me in for a far bigger loss in hope he could complete his trade with as little loss possible Ive been told in some articles on internet its not all that unusual for brokers to give advice in a way which gives a more favourable market for them to buy or sell shares in infact for some brokers it seems thats their main reason for being brokers not so much to make money on brokerage but to be in a position to manipulate shares in a way which enables them to very profitably buy and sell shares on their own account Obviously in my case theyve effectivelly manipuated my holding of a stock in a very new way by guaranteeing it as ata amuch later period but knowing legal system here is so against the weak person they can rnig on guaranteee and the person will get nowhere
this is one of ten guarantees written over a five year period by the Canaccord genuity Advisor Stephen Marc Silver but backed by their general manager stephen silver is actually in america when writes this but makes a special trip to Australia soon and tries to get me to actually sign off on some other guarantees ,inferior ones he has left canaccord but nonetheless it can be seen evn the canaccord is acting totally on his side

The Canaccord guarantees

Basically they wrote eleven of them over three years also their managing director rang many times reasuring me Id get all my money I invested with them back at end 2013 but then they just refused to even reply

Who have I wrote to about it

Every Member of parliament in Australia and many many others all to little if any evail

HE CERTAINLY LIVED A MIGHTY LITTLE LIFE Yhe most Loving dog of all time

Wiseberry Enmore

i was also living in the most appaling conditions when i recived the inheritance at this house in 11 james st Enmore and wongs boarding house 34 stanmore rd  stanmore


THE CANACCORD STORY BRIEFLY and my mothers curse

In 2010 my mother dies 13/1 /10 , little did I realize her estate was about to start making me dramaticly worse off,and never ceasingly so till dead. , I  soon contacted to this Canaccord Genuity and they send me extensive paperwork I return it in  June and go and see a Mr Silver in June/July he talks for about an hour and regarding the forms he only mentions them with regards the ANZ account mentioned there he says we need to have the account number and or see the card so I take the card to him he then says we need the BSB number so I take that to him ofcorse i now think my account is open,(but ofcourse theyd later claim it wasnt)The estate money doesnt get picked up by me till the 16th of November and i then decide to put it into the CBA rather then the ANZ because the CBA offers me a higher rate.I return to the cba on 19th and find that theyve really only put money in a low interest account so i then put some into the higher interest account and i ring silver and hand him over to the teller so he can get the money into the appropriate accont to suit silver so BGF Canaccord now have two lots of banking details(even though I now know for some reason or other he never recorded these bank details) I then place order with him an out of the money one that takes some time to fill but in the meantime he recommends this BPH Energy as if it a house stock when Id much later find out it not he also misleads me in a number of ways that i soon come aware of.and also fact he holds back crucial information from me

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sarjo jawo | Reply 13.06.2017 03.33

I friend haw you?I really miss to c you online ,hope is ok going with you there? an haw is dog doing my dear friend i miss you hope to here from you friend

Sarjo jawo | Reply 09.04.2017 09.54

Hi haw you doing friend I wen there but they monday I go an see them I'll have I if is it there friend the post officers say to me that Monday

a ritchie 24.05.2017 03.14

thanks for your contact anyway hope to hear from you again

Sarjo jawo | Reply 05.04.2017 17.31

Hi friend I sleep that I could not write you last night so what du you buy hope you buy something do me .sorry for not writing you ok so haw are you doing

allan ritchie 05.04.2017 17.57

just going

Ben Dover | Reply 19.07.2016 00.02

I need more information Allan, do you know a member of parliament? Maybe you could write them? What am i to do with all these dogs?

allan ritchie 30.08.2016 06.05

apparently has gone through parliament now

allan Ritchie 19.07.2016 12.26

note it wont be illegal to own a greyhound, infact they are trying to seek people to take greyhounds after the racing ends ,there will be many seeking new homes

Allan Ritchie 19.07.2016 07.48

it appears that greyhound racing will become illegal in NSW its now looking like being 1 july 2017 maybe itll be delayed however not illegal to own a greyhound

Allan Ritchie | Reply 17.07.2016 18.56

Apparently the nSW move is just an extension of a worldwide move to end Greyhound racing as best I can see and its apparently been in decline for years anyway

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