I had had the worst mental illness of all time

WHEN I ARRIVED AT CANACCORD GENUITY something my Psychiatrist agreed on

yet was showing some signs of recovery which canaccord have removed
at 67 i think Im now close to death as i now spend most of day laying down just trying to recouperate to be able to get up off the floor

Canaccord staff know they not only very safe but also knows in the main

(if mentally ill enough)
that anywhere their victim goes he will attract no sympathy or interest and many will even retorture his victim
they also knows if their victim is already sick the sickness will worsen rendering them unlikelly to get anywhere in complicated and demanding legal systems like exist in financial matters,he also probably realizes that the legal system even in the best case outcome for such a person will still leave him tortured as theres no place in law specifically relating to him such that he will only get some his accounting loss back nothing for his health damage or necessarilly even acknowledgement of suchbut perhaps most of all he knows a confused and sick person over time will lose what evidence he has as it doesnt seem theres anybody who will keep back up records for such a person,worst of all sadly there are time limits for such a person that he will have to recover in time for him to even apply
mental torture
but do canaccord even care about their shareholders?after all they put an employee who has been gone eight years ahead of me but is such an approach in even shareholders best interests?
but there is really not even any recognition of the existence even of the financial torture victim
and id say even not in medical or psychiatric circles ie most wont even reply to someone on such basis so why does even psychiatry want this form of torturer safe?

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pathetic wouldnt you think they at least give you a blank set

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good thanks for your reply

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