my dog has bladder cancer

consequentially caused by the new mental illness added to me via the canaccord experience

what would you?
make of a company that tells you that you cant lose only win and then sends you this
and after due date refuses to even give you five dollars or the australian legal system and government who seems to side with them in such meaness

will they give me some even of it to help me keep this dog alive a little longer

will you even?
the extensiveness of stockbrokers mental torture has likelly
consequentiall bought about her cancer due to the extra form of mental illness it has bought on in me ,does anyone out there have any idea how dear it is to treat a dog with bowel cancer?im already flat broke and just getting loans
all my money
and pension gone treating this dog ongoingly so i need learn to live on ten dollars a week
i would spend it all for another few months with my dog indeed i have no choice as my whole mental state is so fragile and only held together by this dog if she dies i will die like night follows day please help me somone out there as canaccord or silver i know wont give me a dollar

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allan ritchie | Reply 29.09.2019 08.27

total loss occured

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29.09 | 08:27

total loss occured

07.03 | 15:56

pathetic wouldnt you think they at least give you a blank set

06.07 | 22:38

good thanks for your reply

06.07 | 22:13

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