or shizophrenia fellowship NSW

which is?
their name?it seems this on e door name is more ommonly
their name I quote from their anuall report "OUR VISION A SOCICETY in which people with a serious mental illness are valued"
why dont?
they help me?instead the y just never reply
Is there nobody anywhere
who will do what these people laimed to me via their newsletter they would do for meforyears infact and ill find some quotes for you from them i still have some old ones what a stingy false laiming group this place is no wonderSilver and canaccord are laughing so hard at me
Quote from their
"Mission Statement
The Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW is commited to improving the irumstances and welfare of people with a serious mental illness
"then how is shunning a member who had his mothers estate and his and her life savings of fourty years removed by Silver consistent with this?it appears like griffin they served Silver and Canaccord
29. Dec, 2019
mylaptop is often missing c and space so its very difficult for me
and its in shocking condition overaul
29. Dec, 2019
ive now been trying for help from them ten years
they reply to nothing and have blocked me from their facebook permanently it seems

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14.01 | 19:18

i dont know who you are or what your talking about but thanks for your reply as it at least breaks the drought of no replies

14.01 | 13:21


14.01 | 12:40

Received your mail box drop - not too sure what you want me to do with it. Good luck.

13.01 | 04:21

as can be seen plenty enter here but none ever comment

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